cumgirl8 Psyched! Radio

cumgirl8 plays for the first time ever in San Francisco - Psyched! Radio Presents

Fri, 21 Jan 2022 07:57AM

The next almost 4 minutes, capture in a great way the first stop of the New York band cumgirl8 to San Francisco, a couple of weeks after the release of their latest EP, RIPcumgirl8.

cumgirl8 is a 4-piece punk band conformed by Chase Noelle, Veronika Vilim, Avishag Rodrigues and Lida Fox, who have have 2 EPs published to date: cumgirl8 (2020) and RIPcumgirl8 (2021). From their first release we can find Cherry Nipples, which live version was recorded at Eli’s Mile High Club, the morning after their first show ever in San Francisco. The night before they shared the stage with AJ Dávila, Carrion Kids, Fauxes, Juicebumps and Caja Mágica and then they went to Oakland to continue their programmed shows after the release of RIPcumgirl8.

This recording was possible thanks to Psyched! Radio, a San Francisco based station which not only has been creating this powerful shows, but it has started a series of interviews and recordings of every show they’ve organized.

“The main thing I remember is trying to get everyone to go to this theme park I used to go to as a child called Fairyland after the show but no one was having it” - recalls Lida, the band’s bassist and vocalist. Lida also mentions the big amount of energy displayed whenever they play “Pluck Me”, one of their most streamed songs on digital platforms, which videoclip you can see below.

cumgirl8 keeps on moving and they have announced a reissue on vinyl of RIPcumgirl8, which will have 2 bonus tracks. This edition will be published by Dero Arcade and the New Orleans label Raw Sugar. They also have planned a digital single with the Seattle label Suicide Squeeze records and in their upcoming shows, they’ll be sharing the stage with La Femme, in the East Coast during June.

If you want to listen more of cumgirl8, you can find their discography on Bandcamp (buy some music!), Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer and YouTube.