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New Releases: Albums and videoclips from June 4th to August 10th

Mon, 10 Aug 2020 12:13PM

We’re back! And we start collecting the releases of the last few weeks. To make it more “readable”, we will list here only the recent albums and music videos. If you want to see the recent singles, you can click here . Also, we have a new section on our site with all the releases listed with their respective links in every platform, here .

Without much ado, listen as much as you can!


  • Fierecita published his new EP “Versiones del Encierro” (“Confinement Versions”), which contains two covers: “Tema del Troglodita”, from peruvian singer Jean Paul el Troglodita and “Me siento loco”, from the colombian band Los Yetis.

  • In a similar way, Juan Gris also published their first new material from this year, “El Camino” EP, which contains the tracks “El dĂ­a de la Marmota” and “Que hoy ganar es sĂłlo perder”.

  • Árbol, Diego Facheaux’s personal project, debuted with his first EP called “Estados de Emergencia”. This new work is conformed of 3 tracks and is part of the peruvian sound art label 1049 Records.

  • After months of expectation, lagartijacarlo published their album “FilantropĂ­a Reptil”, which contains 10 tracks and where you can find their single “Arcoiris”.

  • QalĂ­n’s EP “inflamable, tristito y de low fidĂ©liti”, which was originally released on 2019 via Bandcamp, was published in the main digital platforms with the support of the peruvian label Anti-Rudo Records.

  • Another re-launch on digital platforms is “Cachorra Tierna”, Denisse Bullard’s album, which was originally published on November 2018, through Bandcamp. Also, Denisse published on Spotify her cover for ClĂĄsicosOcĂ©ano’s “Siempre te recordaremos”, recorded originally in 2017.


  • Astronaut Project joined Percy CĂ©spedes for the realization of the videoclip of “AdicciĂłn”.

  • After publishing the music video of “Nictofobia”, Buen Jose continues with “VĂĄmonos”, which also is part of his LP “Tarde otra vez”.

  • Dan Dan Dero released their third single during the quarantine phase, called Lluvia, and accompanied it with a pixelart lyric video.

  • Gelatina Magma published the music video of their single “Diadema”, which you cand find on their album “Una Nueva Era”.

  • Mundaka release the 2020 version of their song “Ermitaño”, where Gala Brie and Gustavo Villegas participate. This version was recorded for the music festival “Tercer Llamado”, in MĂ©xico.

  • Wanderlust published the music video of their song “DĂłnde estĂĄ mi hogar”, from their album “Naufragio”. This clip contains images of a place formerly known as Fishing Club, in Cabo Blanco, Piura.

  • Wayra released their second microdocumentary, which was recorded at the start of this year, with the participacion of the band Supermanzanillas.

  • La Zorra Zapata published the music video of her single “Hay que Hacerlo”, which appears on her debut album, released during may of this year.

  • Alongside with Korea, Toroma released the music video of “Nada que hacer”, charged with nostalgia thanks to the use of some clips of past decades.

  • Negra Valencia published the video of “Inmune”, which is a teaser of her upcoming LP.

  • Finally and with a lot of memories in it, Los Avezados del Mashcon released the music video of “La Minyula”, which was part of ther EP “S/T”.

And this is our intent to be up-to-date with the albums and music videos released during this time, even though we are sure there are many more out there. If you have or know any musical release, contact us on social media (@buquetrece in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to include it on our next shipping.