New releases: Fierecita, Surco Viejo, Planeta No, Bestia Bebé, Mundaka, Los Hijos del Culto

New Releases: Fierecita, Surco Viejo, Planeta No, Bestia Bebé, Mundaka, Los Hijos del Culto

Mon, 24 Aug 2020 21:08PM

We reunite some of the news of the last 2 weeks in this list, check it out!



  • Planeta No released “Enredadera”, a track for their upcoming mixtape “No tan Raro”, which will be released on August 28th and has tracks that wasn’t included in their album “Raro” from 2019.

  • La Cueva del Oso, Sergio Saba’s project, has a new single called “Riff Raffi”.

  • Evah published her new track single, “Espontáneos”.

  • Surco Viejo, Kevin Muguerza’s personal project, has a new single called “Messier 42”.

  • André Urban shared his single “Vete”, a track of his upcoming debut album, Muletillas, which will be available on September 18th. During the next 3 weeks, André will be sharing some of the 12 tracks that conform the album.


  • After his debut album “Fiera Chiquita” and his EP “Versiones del Encierro”, Fierecita doesn’t stop and now he published “Sueño Febril”, which is available entirely as a video on YouTube. Also, this saturday he will be presenting this new work in an online concert with Susana Fátima, Qalín, Mitimitis, Yolourbano, Emilia F, Finster, Marco Mora, Lila Guzmán, Gacelas Heladas, Romina Hera, McPherson and a band to be announced.

  • La Depre Records worked along with the Argentinian artist Rachu Resiliencia for the release of his EP called “En busca del verano”.

  • Carlos Aspiros, Mercury Toys' drummer, published “Sueños de O”, de debut album of his project called K-SP-R.


  • Ati Lane published the clip of “Pieles” through the website Sound And Colors, and announced that the video will be available publicly on August 28th, along with her new EP, “Miedo, Amor y Vida”.

  • Days before the release of “Sueño Febril”, Fierecita shared a teaser of the album with the videoclip of his song “Tiritas”.

  • Los Hijos del Culto premiered the music video of their song “El olor a muerte atrae a seres extraños”.

  • Mundaka shared the videoclip of “Sputnik”, which belongs to their 2019 album, “Albatros”.

  • “El descontrol” is the new clip of Bestia Bebé, which will be part of “Gracias por Nada”, to be released in October.


  • Catervas updated their playlist called “Las 15 quincenales”.

  • Santa Madero shared a playlist with the songs that they listened the most on 2016, the same year they recorded their single “Mía”.

We’re sure there are more releases to discover. If you have or know any musical release, contac us on social media (@buquetrece on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to add it to our lists.