Niños Envueltos – La Nueva Crema (2019)

Niños Envueltos – La Nueva Crema (2019)

Sat, 03 Aug 2019 19:47PM

I met Niños Envueltos in 2016, when I went to a concert organized by Gatitxs Discos, called Nuevos Discos, Nuevas Drogas (New Albums, New Drugs), on April 30th 2017. In that time, they came to Perú to present their album called Un Negocio de Alquiler de Bombas (A bomb-rental business). Nearly two years later (exactly on July 26th), they published their second album, called La Nueva Crema (The New Cream), which contains 9 songs with that charming style they manage and as they point out, deepen into magic realism’s path and word puzzles without being escapists.

Niños Envueltos en La Tangente

One curious thing was that on that time, I could record the 5 (almost 6) songs that conformed their gig, in which we cpuld find Las Muñecas de Navarro Montoya and Maratón. And that would be something normal if it wasn’t because they almost debuted those songs on that night, and now they are part of their new production. The high quality listening of those songs now, made me able to go to the past instantly, with a big smile on my face.

Niños envueltos keep promoting their album on social media, but it will be oficially presented on August 17th, at La Tangente club, with the band Gente Conversando, in a show that promises to be another of the warm experiences the band gives you live. And I include here the recording of their 2017 show, which would inspire me to do some more on the following years. Thanks, Tonga.

Niños Envueltos' actual line-up are: Eloy, Franchi, Naka, Nico, Paul, Tonga y Yuli.

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