Nuevos Envíos 001

Nuevos Envíos 001 (New Releases)

Mon, 05 Apr 2021 05:00AM

The Nuevos Envíos now on radio! We share with you the releases and discoverings that we liked and now are part of our rotation.

You can listen the show in this Spotify list:

Or in Mixcloud:


  • Ticket - Night Beasts
  • Haunted - Laura Les
  • Black and Red - Citizen
  • Invierno (Remasterización 2021) - Los Lagartos
  • Plantita - Señor Kino
  • Yen2! - gacelasheladas ft. phanito
  • La Grulla - Jardín Animal
  • Sombras del Pasado - Srta. Auri
  • El Tiempo Nos Espera - Jardín Mojado
  • Footsteps - Justin Courtney Pierre
  • This Time - Dish Pit

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