Nuevos Envíos 004 (New Releases)

Nuevos Envíos 004 (New Releases)

Sun, 13 Jun 2021 05:00AM

We have a new edition of the New Releases! Check which songs entre our online station at Buquetrece Radio .

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  • Chau, Bai - Exploding Sun
  • _BLUR - Blind Equation
  • Senza Propositi - Eremo
  • El Hombre Pánico - tortuganónima
  • Retorno de Saturno - Sistemas Inestables
  • Eyes - The Minivan
  • Videoclip - Flamenco Inflable
  • Tóxico - Morticia
  • Jar Spell - snag
  • Tamarindo - Pinc Louds

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The song

The song that joins us is Math Funk, from Jeff Cook. You can check his YouTube channel here. Or listen to it on Spotify here.

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