Suerte Campeón – La edad no me deja pensar (2019)

Suerte Campeón – La edad no me deja pensar (2019)

Sat, 03 Aug 2019 18:13PM

They are back. After 8 months away from the scenarios, Suerte Campeón came back in an emotional gig at Nueva Ola, on July 19th, and a week after they gave the world their so much anticipated first LP, called “La edad no me deja pensar” (Age doesn’t let me think). Their album contains 12 songs, which doesn’t pass the 4-minute mark and give us a 32-minute emotion-filled run, that reafirm what they said about it: “this captures autodestruction, forgiveness and autodiscovering phases. We recommend not to listen this under narcotics effects."

Like it or not, you HAVE to go to one of their gigs. The atmosphere they generate is a whole different experience, mainly powered by their unconditional fanbase intensity. Proof of that is this footage, shared by Cosas que no quieres ver de la escena (Things from the scene you don’t want to see):

Suerte Campeón’s actual line-up are: Mateo Vega, Jean Paul Medroa, Andrés Gutierrez, Ángel Mejia y Santiago Aragon.

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